Asus S96j: 15.4″ 1280 x 800 Notebook PC

Facts: The 15.4" 1280 x 800 notebook PC is powered by ATI's Mobility X1600 GPU. The panel made by AUO is glossy, has a contrast ratio of 300:1, response times of 16ms (Toff/Ton) and a brightness of 180 cd/m2.

Opinion: Another 15.4" glossy wide screen notebook PC. Nothing new there. 300:1 contrast ratio is average while 180 cd/m2 of brightness is a bit on the weak side. Of course, glossy screens are generally a bit brighter to the lack of anti-reflection films that retard brightness somewhat. The guys at NotebookReview likes this unit for its solid well-designed build, cooling and being quiet, great value among other things.

Source: NotebookReview

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