BenQ FP241W: LCD Monitor for HD

Facts: BenQ announced the world's first LCD monitor built for high definition with a built-in HDMI interface that can handle 5Gbps. Signal conversions are not required enabling high-quality video. The FP241W sports a 24" wide LCD panel with 1920 x 1200 (16:10) pixel format with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and supports PIP.

Opinion: The convergence of LCD monitors and LCD TVs has begun. Unlike LCD monitors that had video inputs with terrible video of the past, the FP241W looks like it can be used, with good results, for both work and play. The HDMI input is a tell-tale sign that this monitor is not just a monitor but something of a mix between a monitor and TV. With a 16:10 aspect ratio, a full-HD source (little content as of now) will need to be scaled a bit. I think this is a good move toward confusing consumers and making sure that fat margins at Best Buy match razor thin margins at Fry's Electronics on the US west coast.

Source: Funponsel

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