PortalPlayer Preface Technology

Facts: Preface is a personal media display platform that is used in display subsystems such as a sub-display on a notebook PC. Quanta and Compal is supporting PortalPlayer's Preface technology. Preface supports 320 x 240 (QVGA) or 176 x 220 (QCIF+) for always-on access to information such as time, date, email, etc. Preface was introduced at Computex, Taipei.

Opinion: Do I want an extra display on the cover of my notebook PC sipping away at my already taxed battery? Is the information on that tiny display going to be that important for me to always have it on? I am not sure. I think that's what Blackberry devices and Treo 700s are for if you want always-on features. If battery technology improves significantly in the next several months making Vista-loaded super-duper notebook PCs run at least more than the average 4-5 hours, may the added juice-sucking sub-display might be worth it. Besides, that sub-display will make notebook PCs even thicker than they are now.

Source: TMCnet

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