Wellypower Optronics Expand CCFL Capacity

Facts: Wellypower Optronics is a Taiwan-based CCFL manufacturer that has 23 production lines in Taiwan and Suzhou and is the largest in Taiwan. The company is also undergoing R&D to develop LED backlights. Wellypower's issuance of 5 million new shares has been approved and the company will use the funds to expand CCFL capacity to 30 lines and develop LEDs. Thirty CCFL production lines equals to 20 million units per month by the end of 2006 for Wellypower.

Opinion: It is difficult to forecast how much of a resistance CCFL producers will make to keep LEDs out of their backlight market. Competition is a good thing and I say that because it is only in recent months where CCFLs have actually improved in color gamuts. For many many years, CCFLs could only generate about 72% NTSC. Recently at the SID show in San Francisco, many LCDs were touting 92% NTSC mainly due to CCFL makers improving the phosphor coating. LEDs, on the other hand, can provide more than 100% NTSC, but with the addition of just 8% more, added cost, higher energy consumption, higher heat generation, larger backlight units, etc. make the transition to LEDs in some applications to be not worth the trouble.

Source: Digitimes

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