CMO: 100K 22″ Wide LCD Monitor Panels Per Month by Q3E

Aggressive announcement by CMO's Kuo. That's a lot of LCD monitor panels when so far there hasn't been an announcement by any monitor manufacturer for a 22" wide version. CMO is already shipping 500K 19" wide LCD monitors that sport 1440 x 900 pixels. A weird resolution, but a resolution that brings the cost down to lower than $299 and will soon hit $249 on the streets. A 22" might come in at around $499, which would be really nice. CMO's G5 plant can cut eight 22" panels while its G5.5 plant can cut 12. The 22" resolution will be 1680 x 1050 or WSXGA+. These are strange times. When you consider the size options for LCD monitors at and above 20", it is mind boggling: 20" 4:3, 20" 16:10, 21.3" 4:3, 21" 16:10, 22" 16:10, 23" 16:10, 24" 16:10, 30" 16:10 and soon to be announced 26" and 27".

Source: Digitimes

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