Seiko Epson 7.1″ E-Paper with 1536 x 2048 Pixels

CIO: The company claims its 7.1' e-paper with 1536×2048 pixels is the world's highest resolution and approximates an A6-sized paper (105mm x 14mm). Flexible memory chips are used and is incorporated into the plastic substrate, enabling the screen to bend. The screen has E-Ink technology.

The only value-add that flexibility adds to displays is the enhanced durability. That's it. In most cases, from what I know, people prefer flat screens to curved screens. Didn't we already go through this phase with TVs? Rollable displays? I don't think so. Foldable? Not even possible if you want a seamless display. The 1536×2048 pixel format is very nice and should bring about some very crisp text.

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