LG.Philips LCD Begins Wroclaw, Poland LCD Module Plant

On June 14, LPL held a groundbreaking ceremony for a LCD module factory in Wroclaw, Poland. Mass production is scheduled to commence in March 2007 with an initial capacity of producing 3 million modules per year. By 2011, annual capacity will increase to 11 million modules. LPL chose Poland for high quality labor, good financial conditions, and proximity to Europe, which the company is eyeing to sell its LCD TVs to. DisplaySearch, a market research firm, claims that Europe was the largest LCD TV market with a 41% market share in 2005. I'm assuming this is a 41% unit share. I'm also assuming this is Western Europe since Eastern Europe is having trouble just getting good quality water and consistent supply of electricity. In addition with accelerated increase in disposable income in China, it won't be too long before China becomes the world's largest market for LCD TVs. If you apply about a 2-3% rule for the portion of the population who is upper-class and who definitely are able to purchase LCD TVs, that share translates to roughly 20~30 million consumers, assuming a total population of only 1 billion. That's a lot! The US should be about a 1/3 of the total LCD TV market too.

Update: LPL will reportedly invest 429 million euro in the plant. The ground breaking ceremony was held in Kobierzyce, near Wroclaw.

Source: Forbes, The Korea Times

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