LG.Philips LCD (LPL) Breaks Ground for LCD Module Plant in Wroclaw, Poland

LG.Philips LCD, PAIZ: Back in September 7, 2005, LPL announced that it plans to build a LCD module production plant in Wroclaw, Poland. LPL is the first to announce such a production factory in Europe. LPL planned an initial capacity of 3 million modules per year with an investment of 429 million euros by 2011. By 2011, the Wroclaw plant will have a an annual capacity of 11 million units. The focus will be on modularizing 26", 32", 37" and 42" LCD TVs. Western Europe with about 330 million in population captures roughly 30% of the world's TV market. North America, or more accurately, the US, captures another 30%. Without a production base near Europe, and with very high taxes for anything made outside of Europe, it was no surprise that some LCD manufacturers would add a module factory base near Europe. 

LPL followed through with its plans and started to break ground for the LCD module plant. On June 14, LPL announced that it held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new module plant in Wroclaw, Poland. Many dignitaries attended including the Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, LPL's Vice Chairman and CEO Bon Joon Koo, Wroclaw Mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz, and Kobierzyce Commune Mayor Ryszard Pacholik. LPL plans to commence mass production in March 2007 with an initial capacity of 3 million module per year, just as planned.

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