Asus W2Jb 17″ Notebook PC

The Asus W2Jb was given 4 dots out of 5 by PC Magazine for its value, sleek design, fast components, security and sound. In my opinion, the display weakness, severly limits the W2Jb as a multimedia-centered notebook. Gaming would be limited to a low resolution of 1440 x 900 and Full HD viewing would not be possible–a serious limitation indeed. With a large 17″ display on a notebok PC, expectations are for the pixel format to be at least 1680 x 1050, matching Apple’s new 17″ MacBook Pro. Apple tends to have notebook PC displays at 100 ppi and only recently increased to around 110 ppi–generally a little lower than higher end displays from other notebook brands. The high-powered ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 GPU that powers the display might have been a better fit for a higher resolution display than W2Jb’s 1440 x 900. Not all is lost: most games that require powerful GPUs play faster (better?) at the expense of detail loss.

Other specifications include:

Windows XP Media Center
Intel Core Duo T2600, 2.16GHz
120GB HD

The W2Jb limits its multimedia capabilities due to its low-end display. I would recommend a Dell 17″ with 1920×1200 for much less (albeit with much less external coolness) but providing a richer multimedia experience.


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