Inkel WideTouch 5.6″, 7.0″ Navigation and DMB

Inkel’s WideTouch portable navigation units are multifunctional. First of all, there are two series of WideTouch units: navigation and DMB navigation. DMB is an acronym that stands for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting and serves video content like TV to DMB devices such as Inkel’s WideTouch. Each of the two series has a version with a 5.6″ or a 7.0″ TFT LCD display. These displays are touch-enabled allowing you to navigate through menus without the aid of the navigation button on the right. Of course, as in most displays, fingerprints will be all about the WideTouch and the screen will require a thorough cleaning. I recommend a micro-fibre-like fabric.

The WideTouch can be used to watch movies and it supports DiVX, AVI, and ASF. If you want to get rid of your iPod, you can use this to play MP3s as well. There is also a small PIM application that allow you to record notes. Much like other devices with large screens, the WideTouch has a picture viewing application. This unit has USB connectivity with hosting functions that allow you to attached other USB peripherals such as an external USB drive. If none of these fancy you, you can always play the built-in games: “o-mok”, Go-Stop, Lotto (5.6″) or Othello (7″).

The units are powered by Samsung’s S3C2440 (ARM9) 400MHz processor. The GPS functionality is powered by SiRF III. There are two A/V inputs that allow you to push video to it. You can also connect a FM transmitter to listen to audio via a radio.

The WideTouch comes in six colors and is currently available in South Korea.

Source: Inkel

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