LG.Philips LCD RoHS Testing Lab

LPL announced on June 29 that the company became the first TFT-LCD manufacturer to be recognized as an internationally accredited Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) testing laboratory by the German accreditation organization. LPL’s lab will have the same credibitlity as tests performed by official authorized test centers. This will allow LPL to reduce cost associated with testing at external locations and improve product accreditation processes. In addition, this will reduce the potential of core technologies leaking to competitors.

LPL is also operating a Green Purchasing System that blocks hazardous materials from being purchased enabling the company to be lead-free in all of its TFT LCD panels from January 2005. RoHS was implemented by June 2006.

It’s good to see companies taking the RoHS policy seriously as the environmental impact of LCDs will only increase as more and more displays with LCDs penetrate our living environments. As LCD-incorporated devices before RoHS-compliance are retired from use and thrown away, we will eventually be forced to deal with lead and mercury flooding our landfills and our water systems. I wonder if TFT LCD manufacturers will initiate a recycling program specifically targeted toward the display panels.

Source: LG.Philips LCD

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