Pioneer to Open US Retail Stores

Pioneer’s retail stores in the US will allow the consumer to do it all: select, design and install a complete system. In addition to the usual Pioneer and Pioneer Elite products, the company’s products geared for its domestic market will also be pilot tested. There have been many times when products in the Japanese market have been much more desireable than the onese we have here, so I think this is a good move for Pioneer to at least see how US customers might react.

Pioneer’s Pure Malt Speakers, made of recycled whiskey barrels, will be one of the products that the company will be pilot testing. I would think those that are environmentally sensitive would be very interested in something like this as long as it works well as speakers.

The first store will be located in Costa Mesa in the South Coast Plaza. It will be 3200 square-feet and scheduled to open in August 2006.

Source: Digital Trends

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