Sony NV-U70: Portable Satellite Navigation System

It’s funny when a website’s “specifications” do not specify the size of the screen. Especially when the screen makes up the majority of the device. What the spec page does say is that it’s a 4:3 aspect ratio with a resolution of 320 x 420 (or QVGA). Brightness is 300 nits with 160 viewing angles side to side and up and down. The total number of colors is 65,536. The unit uses Intel’s PXA255 CPU running at 300MHz with a built-in 1GB flash. The unit weighs a scant 11oz.

It’s more funny when the size of the screen is listed on the very front page and you simply miss it. The diagonal size of the NV-U70 is 3.5″ with an anti-glare/anti-fingerprint film coating.

Source: Sony

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