Sanyo CE32LM3WP-B: Weather Resistant 32″ LCD Monitor

Yes, the 32″ LCD monitor can deal with dusty, damp and humid weather conditions. The monitor has IP56 accreditation, has a TV tuner and a PC input. The viewing angles are 176 degrees left to right and up and down. According to SecurityPark, Sanyo’s monitor is being tested at supermarkets as both a marketing tool and a security tool. Here are some specs I found at

-IP56 certified (outdoor use)
-Protective acrylic cover for LCD
-Heat disspation via heat sync says that this type of solution is ideal for pubs since there are new no-smoking laws. If you want to smoke and watch the telly, then Sanyo’s CE32LM3WP-B, IP56 certified!, is the solution. I would think this would be very popular in smoke-heavy places such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, etc. More specs from this site:

-0 – 40 degrees celcius operating temperature
-1366 x 768 resolution
-500 cd/m2 brightness
-1000:1 contrast ratio
-8ms response time

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