Opto Tech OLED Volume Production

Opto Tech is a Taiwan-based LED and OLED producer. OLED production will commence later in July and expects to hit break-even by 2006E. Yields are north of 70% with monthly capacities of 8000 units and has invested US$111 million in two OLED lines. I’m not trying to be a smart a55, but what do people use OLEDs for? Sub-displays on mobile phones? What else? Small displays for MP3 players. What else? And these are very small sizes at less than 1″ usually. I would be surprised if Opto Tech can recoup the $111 million invested. According to the article, OLED shipments worldwide for the entire 2006 year will be 83 million. That’s very small compared to the 700+ million mobile phones that will be shipped and millions more for MP3 players. OLEDs are bright but not when there is a lot of ambient light. OLEDs need constant current to keep the display lighted and that’s a drain on portable gadgets like mobile phones. Read more at DigiTimes.

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