AUO Revenues up 14% Y/Y in June

This is interesting. AUO revenues are up despite the chairman(?) stating that it will reduce factory utilization? Maybe that had an impact on pricing, but as far as I know, price drops have not decreased. Puzzling. Ah, the increase is compared to last year. This is really no news at all! The real news is a 9.6% decrease from May: NT$20.134 million –> NT$18.206. Now this makes more sense. Large-sized panel shipments decreased 4.4% to 3.25 million. Small-medium panels were down too by 14.6% M/M to 5.5 million. For the second quarter, AUO gave a preliminary number of 10.09 million, which is an increase of 7.7% sequentially. Small-medium shipment preliminary numbers were 18.07 million, an increae of 14.3% sequentially. For more info, go to Trading Markets.

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