Sharp LD-37SP1, PC-AX50M Internet AQUOS TV PC

Sharp’s TV and PC divisions came together to develop the Internet AQUOS PC/TV, unlike previous attempts by the company where the PC division primarily handled the development. Most CE-based companies or business units would be very skeptical and defensive when PC-based units try to move into their territory, the living room. This product shows a bold move by Sharp that allows both the consumption of broadcasted media and communicating information using the Internet.

Because it is more difficult to add functionality to the TV portion, much of the TV was left unchanged from existing TV models. Most of the improvements were made on the PC side to add communications functionality. The only changes on the TV side was the addition of a RS-232C interface to share control information with the PC.

There are two display sizes: 32″ (LD-32SP1) and 37″ (LD-37SP1) with both having a resolution of 1366 x 768, 6ms response times, 1200:1 contrast ratio, 176-degree viewing angles, HDMI & HDCP DVI ports, with a vertically standing external PC unit that has a 500GB SATA hard disk, a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo 2300 processor, up to 1GB DDR2 RAM, DVD combo drive, SD/xD card slots, and Windows XP Home. The unit is controlled via a remote control (with lots of buttons) and a wireless keyboard.

XP Home, alone, kills the potential: the Media Center Edition should have been used instead. 1366 x 768? What a terrible oversight: 1920 x 1080 should have been used, at least for the 37″ version since those resolutions are available today for that size. With the two upgrades, Sharp could have incorporated a Blu-Ray reader/writer making this a full-powered full-HD unit that everyone would be drooling over. Instead, although this move was a bold step for Sharp, the PC/TV combo underwhelms. These units are already available in Japan since late May.

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