LCD Panel Prices: Up in July?

Just weeks after the LCD industry was crushed with news of operating losses and inventory build up, DigiTimes is reporting the possibility of panel price increases in late July. The article states that monitor makers are placing urgent orders because they are afraid prices will increase and want to secure historically low panel prices for the popular 17″ monitor panels for the upcoming high-demand quarters.

If there was so munch inventory just a while ago, I would think monitor panel makers would move that first and would be quite happy to do that because at some panel maker sites, room to store panel inventory was becoming difficult to find. So, although panel prices might not tank like they used to, I don’t see a rebound in pricing. Of course, of a lot of monitor makers panic and put double-booking orders to protect themselves from price increases, inevitably prices will rise. CPT stated that it would raise 17″ monitor panel prices, I think, now. More at DigiTimes.

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