CMO to Introduce 32″ LCD TV with LED Backlight

Don’t buy that 32″ LCD TV just yet. It most likely has a CCFL backlight that degrades with time. The color gamut will likely be a limited, but standard, 72% of NTSC. Wait for LCD TVs with TFT LCD panels that use LEDs as a light source. LEDs bring superior color gamuts to close to 100% NTSC and will last 50,000 hours without much degradation. Sure there has been thermal issues, but to some extent, those have been solved by using more LEDs at less power.

CMO is expected to release a 32″ TFT LCD TV panel that uses LED backlights. Epistar, South Epitaxy and Tekcore, three Taiwan-based LED suppliers, will be working with CMO. Epistar will supply blue and red LED chips while Tekcore will be the source of green LED chips. South Epitaxy will also supply blue LED chips. CMO is planning for a September release with an initial shipment of 30,000 units. CMO’s panel will have 500 nits of brightness, 6.5ms response times, a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and close to 100% NTSC color gamut. Also, CMO owns about 10% of Formosa Epitaxy.

Source: DigiTimes

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