IPS Alpha to Supply Sampo and Proton with 32″

Sampo and Proton Electronic will use IPS Alpha’s 32″ LCD TV panels. IPS Alpha will also start offering 37″ from the third quarter. Sampo and Proton have been sourcing 20″ and 21″ panels from Hitachi’s G4 line. It makes sense since IPS Alpha’s main display technology comes from Hitachi’s IPS technology. IPS Alpha’s G6 line will focus on 26″ and 32″ LCD TV panels and later migrate to larger sizes like 37″. DigiTimes is reporting that IPS Alpha’s 32″ panel prices are $30-$40 lower than average prices of $380-$390, but most likely for special customers or entry-level models. IPS Alpha’s G6 line can process motherglass sizes of 1500mm x 1850mm and can cut twelve 26″ and eight 32″ panels with an initial glass input of 30,000 units per month.

Source: DigiTimes

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