Matsushita to Assemble LCD TVs in Russia

Starting from September 2006, Matsushita will start assembling LCD TVs in Russia. Matsushita is stating that LCD TVs are very popular in Russia. Matsushita will ship LCD panels to Russia and will use local electronics manufacturers to assemble LCD TVs and then slap their logo on the units. The company also will assemble plasma TVs in Brazil. Other markets that Matsushita will be focusing on is China and India; the company already operates a plasma TV assembly plant in China. The Brazil, Russia, India and China markets combined is called the BRIC market. Target production in Russia for FY2006, ending in March 2007, is 50,000 LCD TVs.

With the BRIC market comprising of more than 2 billion in population, many companies like Matsushita are targeting the area for long-term growth of electronics such as TVs as other markets such as Western Europe and North America becomes saturated in the next few years.

Source: Techwhack, Reuters India

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