Sharp LC-13SX7 and LC-15SX7: Going Smaller

The LC-13SX7 is a smaller 13″ LCD TV. The LC-15SX7 is a smaller 15″ LCD TV. Sharp is going smaller. I think it’s smart. Why? While there is only a single family room and a single living room in each “normal” residential home, there are many bedrooms, two to three times more. Most consumers would opt to purchase a smaller TV for the kids’ bedrooms. Also, you wouldn’t want to purchase a 40″ LCD TV for a kitchen or for an office. So Sharp is clear targeting the rest of the house with these smaller LCD TVs. Sharp will put these petite models on sale in August in the Japanese market. These two models are ready to accept Japan’s digital satellite and digital/analog terrestrial broadcasts. The resolution is on the low side with only 640 x 480 resolution, but most of the world views TVs in this resolution. Both have a 4:3 aspect ratio with 170 viewing angles.

Source: Digital World Tokyo

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