Samsung SDI Purchase Powerlase DPSS A06 Lasers

Powerlase manufactures diode-pumped nanosecond Q-switched solid state (DPSS) lasers, its Starlase A06 lasers. The 600-watt DPSS has the highest power in its class and allows rapid material processing and replacement of existing industrial processes. Samsung SDI purchased multiple Starlase A06 lasers and will incorporate it into its PDP manufacturing. Samsung SDI is one of the largest manufacturer of plasma display panels (PDPs). Powerlase is based in Crawley, England.

I couldn’t fine A06 information from Powerlase’s website, but its A04 laser is touted as the highest-power diode-pumped Acousto-Optic switched laser in the market today. The A04 delivers a max power of 400+ watts. Powerlase products are based on a module design and allows its lasers to be custom configured to fit customer applications.

Source: Powerlase

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