NHJ VTV-101: Wristwatch TV

This news is a bit old, but I ran across it and thought I’d blog about it. The concept of having a TV on your watch is a bit geeky, no doubt, but what if it looked really cool. Imagine a Motorola RAZR-like watch with multimedia features such as video, audio and MP3 functions. Bluetooth would, of course, be standard. Imagine having a Oakley Thump-like glasses that had Bluetooth and you could listen to your music and watch video via a screen built into the Thump-like glasses. Some of you might think this is all futuristic nonsense, but the technologies to make this happen are here today, albeit in separate devices.

Image: VTV-201

Japan’s NHJ came out with a wristwatch TV a few years back (2004) called the VTV-101. The unit had a 1.5″ color TFT LCD with 280 x 220 resolution. It had a Sony TV receiver chipset and displayed the time above the LCD screen. In 2005, NHJ followed the VTV-101 up with the VTV-201. The display remained the same size at 1.5″ with double the number of pixels to around 130,000 (versus the 101’s 61.6K). The 202 goes for about $185.

Image: Oakley Thump

Kopin Cyberdisplay

Source: I4U News, Firebox

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