Tekcore to Expand Capacity to 200 Million Units

Tekcore, a LED chip maker based in Taiwan, supplies 140 million LED chips per month to major LED packagers like Harvatek Corp. and Everlight Electronics. Tekcore will be expanding its capacity to 200 million in the third quarter of 2006 by purchasing two metallo-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machines. Tekcore, like the rest of the display industry, bumped into a slowdown in June due to a build-up of inventory at the company’s customers–display manufacturers.

More and more displays will move away from CCFL-based backlights to LED-based backlights as some of the barriers to LED transition are overcome: heat management and cost. With companies finding new ways to cool the LED chips, implementing LED-based backlights will become increasingly common in notebook PCs and LCD TVs. Professional-level LCD monitors will be one of the first segments to move to LEDs within the monitor space. Since price is a sensitive issue when levels drop to $149 for 15″ LCD monitors and $199 for 17″, monitor makers will probably move to Mercury-free CCFLs first before going toward LED.

Source: Global Sources

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