Wah Wang LEDs with Integrated Heatsinks

Wah Wang’s WW-P08D4SWUA6-001B8M LED packages rated at 3W has an integrated heat sink to divert heat out from the package, making thermal management more effective. The LED packages are available in warm white, white, blue, green, red, amber and yellow. Brightness ranges from 30mcd to 130mcd and the packages are RoHS compliant.

With an integrated heat sink built into the package, LEDs can be safely run at its maximum wattage (and maximum brightness) without running into heat-related lifetime and performance issues. This will lead to lower costs of LED-based backlight implementations as less can be used to provide the same level of brightness that before would have taken many more LEDs.

Wah Wang Holdings Company Ltd. is based in Hong Kong and has been in the semiconductor packing industry for many years. Its factory, Wah Wang Optoelectronics, is located in Shenzhen, China.

Source: Global Sources

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