LG.Philips LCD Wins Side-Mounting Patent Against CPT

A New York arbitration panel decided in LG.Philips LCD’s favor on July 24 in a dispute over side-mount technology ownership with Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT). CPT filed for arbitration in July 2004 and has taken 2 years to come to a conclusion. LPL holds exclusive ownership rights for its side-mounting patents. The arbitration panel denied all of CPT’s relief. Separately, LPL filed a patent infringement suit against CPT in California courts and is scheduled for a trial in October of this year.

Side-mounting technology is used by almost all LCD manufacturers especially for notebook PC panels. Now, to reduce bezel widths, LCD monitor and LCD TV panels are using side-mounting technology. Although there are many cross-licensing deals among display manufacturers, LPL might be in a position of strength to bring in a lot of license fees related to side-mounting technology.

Source: BusinessWire

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