ATO iSee 360: 3.6″ LCD Sleeve for iPod

This is old news, but San Carlos, CA-based ATO sells an iPod sleeve called the iSee 360 that allows users to view the video content on the iPod on a 3.6″ LCD screen. A new version is in the works that is compatible with video iPods and non-video iPods (yay!). Prices will be between $199 and $250 with a release date around December 2006, perfect for gift-giving time. The unit will initially be able to handle video in MPEG4, DivX, HD.264 and other formats with the battery lasting approximately 5 hours.

The current iSee 360 is being sold at Wal-Mart and Best Buy and other retailers. The current price is $249 and if you have the iPod video, nano or mini, you’ll need to purchase an adapter. The iSee gets around Apple’s DRM by partitioning the iPod for iSee content. This is a great move since there are many more video sources other then Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The unit comes in black or white.

Source: ZDnet, ATO

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