LG Electronics 37″ 42″ Full HD LCD TVs

LGE introduced Full HD XCanvas-branded LCD TV models sized 37″ and 42″ on July 26 with 1920 x 1080 resolutions (more than 2 megapixels). I’m glad the 37″ class is moving toward 1080p, because at that size a regular ho-hum 1366 x 768 resolution would result in pixels you can actually see! Full HD is the way to go and LGE seems to know that that’s the future.

Image source: New Launches

Image source: Chosun

The two models come with 250GB hard disks built-in for 92 hours of recording capability. The panels are capable of displaying an incredible 5.4 trillion colors, much more than what the human eye can decipher. For that many colors, you will be paying a 10% premium over ones that merely shows colors in the millions.

Source: Chosun, LG Korea

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