Nigeria Places One Million OLPC Notebook PCs

OLPC laptops originally targeted a $100 price but recently has increased to $140, powered by an AMD CPU and the Linux operating system. A few days ago, OLPC announced that power would be generated by pulling a piece of string instead of a hand crank that was demonstrated a few months back. The Nigerian government ordered and paid for 1 million OLPC laptops, however, the bad news is this does not guarantee that this project will fly. Quanta, a Taiwanese notebook integrator, will be making OLPC laptops once the program hits 5 million firm orders. OLPC is 20% there. Target governments include China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and Thailand.

MobileMagazine reports that India does not want to be part of the OLPC project because there is a more urgent need for classrooms and teachers. Maybe the OLPC project can help by bringing together teachers and students on the Net instead of physically.

I wonder why the US doesn’t hop on the OLPC program. I think the OLPC program should also sell these nifty laptops to regular consumers for $200 and make the $60 be a charitable donation to the OLPC program. I bet there will be more than a few million folks who would buy an OLPC laptop for that price. Also, how about licensing the pull-string-for-power technology so we can reduce our energy consumption (especially in this 100+ degree weather in California that led to major power outages last weekend due to everyone trying to stay cool by turning on the air conditioning) and start working out for energy, especially when the battery is about to die on us, or when there is no power. Just a thought…

Source: mobilised

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