Taiwan LCD Monitor 10% DVI Tax

The Taiwanese government imposed a 10% tax on imported LCD monitors with DVI inputs. The Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and monitor manufacturers are appealing. TCA and the folks that make monitors are arguing that digital technology development will be hindered and the already low profit margins will be even lower. Taiwan wanted the extra money because DVI-equipped LCD monitors could be used to replace LCD TVs and therefore should be taxed as imported AV home appliances. This reminds me of Europe’s similarly stupid tax on DVI-equipped LCD monitors.

Image source: Home Theater Focus

Since lawmakers are slow, I would recommend the LCD monitor manufacturers to quickly move toward DisplayPort, UDI or HDMI. Just one of these mind you and when the government starts to tax these ports, just move onto the next one. And when all of these are being taxed, simply move to wireless. Governments: their policies can be quite idiotic at times.

Source: Taipei Times

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