Quanta Computer Lands Toshiba LCD TV Contract

The Taiwan Economic News, MyEGov: Quanta Computer, an integrator in Taiwan, will be building LCD TVs for Toshiba. LCD TV panels will be sourced from AUO and CMO, who work with Quanta closely. Quanta will be building 32″, 37″, and 42″ LCD TVs for the Japanese brand and is targeting to ship 500,000 LCD TVs by the end of 2006.

Image: Quanta Computer R&D center in Taoyuan

Toshiba has captured about 10% of the LCD TV market in Taiwan with aggressive prices: $1200 for its 32″ LCD TV and $1800 for its 37″ LCD TV–prices that are competitive with the local first tier Taiwanese brands.

It has always been the case, but just because it has a Japanese brand does not mean it was made in Japan or has components that are Japanese. Toshiba is a case in point: Toshiba’s TV boxes will be put together by a Taiwanese company (Quanta), be sourced with LCD TV panels from Taiwanese companies (AUO, CMO) and will probably be packaged and shipped by Taiwanese and/or Chinese companies. So why do we even bother continuing to buy a Japanese brand when nothing is Japanese except for the name?

I would be on the lookout for a Quanta-branded TV. Quanta took a step in that direction when it announced that it will be setting up a joint venture with Sanyo Electric to develop, manufacture and sell LCD TVs under the Sanyo brand.

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