Samsung G7 Equipment Install, Not Part of S-LCD

Located in the same complex as S-LCD’s G7 fab in Tangjeung, South Korea, Samsung’s G7 line with a dimension of 1870 mm x 2200 mm is the same dimension as S-LCD’s G7 fab, a joint venture between Sony and Samsung with 50% of the capacity going to each of the partners.

This G7 line is operated solely by Samsung and has entered mass production since April 2006 churning out mostly 40″ LCD TV panels (eight per glass substrate) along with 46″ sizes (six per glass substrate). Full capacity is targeted at 45,000 glass substrate input per month, which is smaller than S-LCD’s G7 full capacity of 60,000.

Samsung’s G7 line took an investment of about US$975 million and will be poised to take advantage of the booming LCD TV market. In the future, Samsung will have 3 times the LCD TV panel procurement supply compared to Sony with this new G7 fab.

Source: PCWelt

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