Samsung Syncmaster 244T: 24″ Wide LCD Monitor

One inch larger than Apple’s superb 23″ Cinema HD LCD monitor, Samsung’s 244T offers the same resolution of 1920 x 1200 but at a more affordable price. On Pricegrabber, you can get the 244T for around $800. On the other hand, Apple’s 23″ is $1300 with only a few dollar discounts elsewhere online. For some reason, the 23″-class LCD monitors seem to cost more. For instance, Viewsonic’s VP231WB 23″ LCD monitor sells for a bit less than $1100 on Pricegrabber. Dell’s 24″ offering, its 2407WFP, goes for a cant $703.20 on its website! Probably the best deal around!

If you’re looking for a bit of design in the Samsung set, don’t expect much. IMO, Dell’s 2407WFP is better looking and cheaper. Dell’s new design centering around the angular stand is much better than Samsung’s bulky and rather ugly stand. Of course, looks-wise, the Apple is hard to beat, but it’s hard to shell out $600 more for the same display real estate. Here are the specifications for the 244T:

-PVA TFT LCD panel
-1920 x 1200 resolution
-500 cd/m2 of luminance
-1000:1 contrast ratio
-178 degree viewing angles all around
-S-Video, VGA, DVI-D, Component inputs
-8ms response times

Source: Samsung

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