Acer Aspire 9800: 20.1″ Notebook PC Now Shipping

Back in April, Acer announced its Aspire 9800, the second notebook to have a HD-DVD drive…

I’m not sure exactly when Dell’s 20″ notebook, the M2010, became available, but the folks at NotebookReview is claiming that Acer, with its Aspire 9800, is the first to hit the market with a 20″ notebook. Since they are the experts, I’m sure they are right. I blogged about Dell’s M2010 and thought the screen resolution was a bit low at only 1680 x 1050. Well, the Aspire 9800 has the same resolution on a large 20″: 1680 x 1050. That is just too low! You can’t even watch 1080p (though there isn’t that much 1080p content at the moment) or play games at 1920 x 1200. Just terrible. The HD-DVD option would be simply wasted on a less-than-Full HD screen. At a price estimated to be around $2600, this is really not a great multimedia offering.
Other specifications are a bit better:

-Intel Core Duo CPU
-nVidia GeForce Go 7600 GPU w/256MB
-DVD-D connectivity
-240GB HDD (120GB x 2)
-“Superdrive” or HD-DVD
-For more specs: NotebookReview

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