AmTRAN Technology is an integrator in Taiwan and has its own brand: Vizio. You might have seen some Vizio-branded LCD TVs at CostCo and Sam’s Club for very affordable prices. Well, Wal-Mart will begin selling the brand too.

AmTRAN came to the US in 2005 with the Vizio brand on its 42″ and 50″ plasma TVs and had success. For instance, for the first month of shipments to the US, its 42″ plasma TV was more than 10,000 units. Now they are turning toward LCD TVs. Small-volume LCD TV shipments to Wal-Mart began in March but volume shipments have started in the second quarter. Vizio-branded 32″ LCD TVs were priced at $999 for Wal-Mart and in the near future will bring out a $1499 price point for its 37″ LCD TVs. In the first quarter of 2006, AmTRAN shipped 50,000 LCD TVs and 30,000 plasma TVs.

Vizio P42HDTV, 42″ plasma TV

In the second half of 2006, AmTRAN is planning for a 42″ and 46″ LCD TV rollout. For the year, AmTRAN is planning a total of 600,000 LCD TVs. For plasma, a Vizio-branded 55″ unit is planned for the second half and a total of 200,000 plasma TVs are planned for 2006.

It’s good to see a no-name brand garnering some success and challenging the old but tired tie between national retailers like Best Buy and brands like Sony.

Source: Taiwan Government, Vizio

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