Gateway N10 Notebook Bundle at Wal-Mart

The N10 Notebook Bundle will be available at 3200 Wal-Mart stores and will include:

-Mobile AMD Sempron 3200+ CPU (1.6GHz)
-Integrated WiFi
-DL +/-RW DVD burner
-nVidia GeForce Go 1600 GPU
-512MB DDR2 RAM (max 4GB)
-60GB HD
-Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
-2-year Computrace Lojack subscription
-2-year McAfee Internet Security Suite subscription
-Targus backpack
-128MB USB 2.0 flash

All of this for $798.

No other specifications can be found of the N10 notebook by Gateway, but most likely it will be a 14.1″ wide LCD with 1280 x 800 resolution. The 128MB USB 2.0 flash is really weak. Although it can be used for simple file transfer of music, photos and documents, it is very limited: 30 MP3 files (@4MB/song). The Lojack subscription is pretty neat, but make sure to do daily backups since it’s the information in the notebook that’s more important, to most of us.

I think this bundle will be a great value to those just entering college. It has the right amount of horsepower (not enough to get Jr. hooked on 3D games), small enough form factor to take to classes, and the right price for the parents.

Source: Twice

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