TMDisplay Third LTPS TFT LCD Plant

TMDisplay: Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, also known as TMDisplay, start construction of its third LTPS TFT LCD plant in April 2005. The Ishikawa Works plant is located in Nomi-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture. It took one year for it to reach mass production and in April 2006, started to manufacture low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCDs.

According to TMDisplay, input capacity and production yield has been successful. TMDisplay held an opening ceremony for the plant on July 19.  The two other LTPS plants are Fukaya Works located in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture while the other AFPD, an affiliated company, is in Singapore. Total capacity, including all three LTPS fabs, is 10 million mobile application panels per month on a 2.2″ panel basis.

The new Ishikawa Works plant has a planned capacity of 5.5 million 2.2″ panels per month by April 2007, or 20,000 sheets per month, and uses glass substrates with 730mm x 920mm dimensions (G4). 0.5mm-thick glass substrates will be used, which are good for mobile applications that require less weight. System On Glass (SOG) technology will be used to integrate peripheral IC and other circuits right on the LCD panel. The company will likely use Optically Compensated Bend (OCB), a fast-switching liquid crystal, to enhance display performance.

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