Lux Entertainment ARIIS: Outdoor MCE TV

Lux Entertainment introduced its ARIIS outdoor Media Center Edition LCD TV that features a 26″ LCD TV sealed in glare-free, reflection-free glass. The 26″ LCD TV panel is from Sharp, and is probably the garden variety at 1366 x 768 resolution and using Advanced Super View (ASV) viewing-angle technology to enhance the front screen performance. A Media Center Extender is attached to the TV allowing multmedia content such as TV, photos, music to be streamed wirelessly from a Media Center machine that is networked.

Two waterproof speakers (marine-grade) are housed in the stainless steel base along with thermostat controls, fans, heaters and coolers. The universal learning remote is also waterproof. The ARIIS won’t be cheap at $6800.

One additional feature that would make the ARIIS a complete outdoor/kiosk solution would be a rugged touch screen.

Source: CEPro

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