AUO: G7 Fab Outputs 42″ LCD TV Panel

According to AUO, its first 42″ LCD TV panels were produced at its G7 fab (1950 x 2250mm) along with color filters (CFs) at its CF production line on July 31. AUO’s G7 fab is located in Taichung, Taiwan with a target monthly input capacity of 10,000 glass substrates per month by year end.

It took slightly more than 5 months from clean room install to 42″ manufacture, slightly faster than industry norms of around 2 quarters or 6 months for G7 fabs. However, the 42″ LCD TV panel is of the HD variety with only 1366 x 768 resolution – you can actually see the individual pixels and the sub-pixels within the pixels. I would hope that AUO would transition to Full HD models with 1920 x 1080 resolution very soon as most consumers of 40″-class LCD TVs are really wanting the 1080p capability.

AUO incorporated its Advanced MVA (Multidomain Vertical Alignment) wide viewing angle technology (AMVA) that provides good color fidelity at off-angle viewing. Contrast ratio is stated as 1200:1 or better.

A note on fab generations: To me, there is not much of a difference between S-LCD’s G7 fab and others that claim that their fabs are a half generation advanced. I lump them all up as G7. Though AUO’s and LG.Philips LCD’s (LPL) G7 fabs are larger, they are not that much larger and there are no technology advancements from G7. AUO’s G7 can cut eight 42″ panels or six 46″ panels.

Source: DigiTimes, AUO

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