LG Electronics, Samsung SDI to Up Plasma Production

50″ and larger plasma production is the focus for LGE and SDI. With LCD technology encroaching on the 40″-class, plasma will need to focus on larger sizes where LCD will have a hard time competing, for now.

LGE will increase production of 50″+ plasma display panels (PDPs) by 30% Y/Y. Though shipments fell from 730,000 in the first quarter to 716,000 in the second quarter, the portion of 50″ and larger sizes rose from 17% to 25% of total shipments. LGE is targeting 25%-30% share of 50″+ PDPs.

SDI launched 50″ and 58″ PDPs in the second quarter to reinforce its focus on large sizes. SDI will focus on Full HD implementations at 50″ and 58″ sizes. One thing to note is that Full HD by plasma standards mean 1080 horizontal lines and not necessarily 1920 vertical lines. Recently announced 1080p plasma TVs have a 1024 x 1080 native resolution, which requires rectangular-shaped pixels. In LCDs, Full HD would mean a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Back to SDI. SDI shipped 560,000 PDPs in the second quarter from 550,000 in the first, up 1.8%. 50″+ sized panels had a 28% share of total shipments, up from 15% in the first quarter. SDI estimated a 860,000 unit year in 2005 worldwide for 50″ PDPs representing 12% of the total PDP market. SDI expects that number to grow to 3 million in 2006.

Source: ETNews

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