Palm Treo 700P: Delayed Mass Production

The Treo 700P improves on the 700W with a 320 x 320 resolution screens, instead of the puny 240 x 240. Of course, it’s not Palm’s fault; it’s Microsoft’s. But no bashing Microsoft, not in this article. The TFT LCD touch display can display 65,536 colors. Before I go dive into the main point, I would like to pick on one little mistake. On Palm’s site, it states that the display is a 16-bit display. Bologna! The xx-bit is calculated by whatever the bit is for each sub-pixel and then multiplying that by 3 for each of the three sub-pixels: Red, Green, Blue. Most LCD monitors and LCD TVs have a 32-bit (8 x 3) display. Most notebook screens have 18-bit (6 x 3) display, but mimics a 32-bit display by adding some software algorithms called Frame Rate Control (FRC). You can fine more information at Xbit Laboratories, they have an excellent article on color reproduction. The Treo 700P’s display is definitely not 16-bit.

Now, on to the main point: Inventec Appliance is integrating the Treo 700P but will not be able to start mass production until September, about a 5-month delay. The delay is not hardware related but software related. Because Inventec is trying to develop smartphones that are based on three different operating systems (Palm, Microsoft, Linux), company resources have been stretched too thin. If you’re waiting to see some price drops on the 700P, you’ll need to wait until Christmas.

The Treo 700W is being mass produced since the first quarter of 2006, but being built by High Tech Computer (HTC) who manufacturers the majority of Palm’s PDA phones.

Source: DigiTimes

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