Sony Plasma TV: No More

Sony’s plasma TV shipments were 100,000 units in FY2005 (ending March 31, 2006), which was down from 300,000 units in FY2004. That’s down 67% year-over-year. One reason for this, according to Katsumi Ihara, the Executive Deputy President of Sony’s Procurement Strategies, is due to a lack of a vertically-aligned plasma display panel (PDP) manufacturing source. Instead, Sony will concentrate on LCD TVs. With its S-LCD joint venture with Samsung, Sony has a strong source of LCD TV panels and will increase the 40″+ LCD TVs to more than 50% by the end of 2006.

Sony plasma TV: KE-P42 MRX1

Recently Sony signed an agreement with Samsung to jointly invest in a G8 fab, a fab that will focus on 50″+ LCD TV sizes. Monthly capacity is slated for 50,000 glass substrates per month and will start mass production in the fall of 2007.  Sony is targeting 8 million LCD TV shipments in FY2007.

Sony has had a long love-hate relationship with plasma dating back to 2004. At that time Engadget posted an article stating that Sony would stop plasma TV production. Later that year, Sony stated that it would continue making plasma TVs, according to an article on c|net. Who knows what exactly will happen. May Sony can enter into a joint venture with a PDP maker such as… Pioneer?

Source: DigiTimes

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