Witsview: 17″ SXGA LCD Monitor Panel Prices Up

It has been a long time since LCD manufacturers have seen panel prices go up. With a build-up of inventory that led to lowered fab utilizations that resulted in less supply, the increase in demand for LCD panels as we enter into the second half of 2006, where demand is seasonally very strong, LCD suppliers can begin to hope for better profit margins.

According to Witsview, 17″ SXGA LCD monitor panel average prices in the second half of July is $104, which is $1 higher than what it was in June. Other panels for LCD TV and notebook PCs continued to decline, but at a slower rate. Go to Witsview to see more information such as street prices for LCD applications, prices for DRAM and flash.

Another market research firm, DisplaySearch, has similar information, but is slightly different. 17″ SXGA LCD monitor panel average prices for the month of July is stated as $103, with a high of $105 and a low of $101. Witsview’s high was $107 and low was $102. Witsview’s pricing seem to be updated every two weeks, while DisplaySearch is updated on a monthly basis. According to DisplaySearch, 17″ prices fell $2 from June and will go up $7 to $112 in August: that’s a big jump. Let’s see how much LCD suppliers smile next month.

Of course, this isn’t good news for those of us who are in the market for LCD monitors, especially 17″. Expect panel price increases to trickle down to LCD monitor set price increases in about a month or two. BTW, 19″ stayed the same according to Witsview, and was down $13 according to DisplaySearch. That is very different news. Who to believe? Who knows.
Source: Witsview, DisplaySearch

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