Samsung LED-based 40″ LCD TV

Samsung announced that its 40″ LCD TV with a LED backlight will ship next month. Conventional LCD TVs use CCFL backlights. Although CCFL has served the consumers for decades as the backlight of choice, new technology such as LEDs have been challenging CCFL’s dominance. LEDs provide a much wider color gamut, up to greater than 100% NTSC, while traditional CCFLs have been limited to 72%. Due to the recent challenge of LEDs, CCFL suppliers have had to improve their designs and most CCFLs geared toward LCD TVs have up to 92% NTSC. Competition is a good thing. Another CCFL challenge was that over time, the brightness would deteriorate slowly and had a lifetime of about 50,000 hours, plenty for most. LEDs on the other hand has a virtually uniform brightness up to 50,000 hours, at which the brightness falls to 50% through 100,000 hours.

But LEDs are not without problems. Cost is one thing: because LEDs are new as a display backlight, they are more expensive than CCFLs. These LEDs generate a lot of heat. If heat is not managed well, it can also have detrimental effects on lifetimes, like most electronics. Related to the problem of heat and lifetime issues is the need to use hundreds if not thousands at 25%-30% of power, adding to the cost. These challenges are currently being worked on, but I would not hesistate to recommend waiting for second or third generation models that have LED backlights before biting the bullet. It might be hard to wait because the color is simply amazing.

Samsung’s LNR460D

Back in early January 2005 (CES), Samsung launched its 46″ LCD TV with LED backlighting, the LNR460D that had Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), 100,000-hour lifetime, 105% NTSC color gamut, 500 cd/m2 and 170-degree viewing angles and was priced at wallet burning $12999.

Source: Gizmodo, c|net, Samsung

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