LG Electronics: Top OLED Supplier in Q2

Electronic Engineering Times: As reported in the Electronic Engineering Times, LG Electronics (LGE) was the top supplier of OLED panels in the second quarter. LGE overtook Samsung SDI for the honors. This is based on information from DisplayBank, a Korea-based market research company.

LGE shipped 4.47 million OLED displays, a big jump from only 1.42 million in the first quarter. LGE’s market share was 23.2%, which was only 11.1% in the first quarter. LGE will continue churning out 1.8 million units per month through the end of the year due to expected strong demands for OLED displays. In a previous blog entry, I noted that LGE was expected to sell its OLED business to LG.Philips LCD (LPL) to focus display R&D and investments. If that transfer/sale happens, LPL will contend for the top spot in both large-area TFT LCD displays as well as OLEDs.

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