Sony mylo COM-1/B & W: Personal Communicator

The mylo’s dimensions are: 0.95 x 4.8 x 2.5 inches

The PSP’s dimensions are: 0.9 x 6.7 x 2.9

The UX’s dimensions are: 1.3-1.5 x 5.9 x 3.7

The mylo is a bit thicker than the PSP but is shorter length and height wise compared to the PSP. Because the mylo has smaller physical dimensions it was probably impossible to put the PSP’s nice 4.3″ TFT LCD inside the mylo. The PSP already is very packed with the 4.3″. Instead of the larger 4.3″, the mylo has a 2.4″ 320 x 240 resolution TFT LCD. Because the length is 1.9″ shorter, it doesn’t surprise me to see the display smaller by 1.9″. The 320 x 240 resolution is pretty standard on PDAs, PDA phones and some higher-end smartphones coming out of South Korea and Japan.

The PSP has a larger 16:9 aspect ratio 4.3″ TFT LCD with 480 x 272 resolution and supports 16.77 million colors. Brightness is rated at 180/130/80 using a battery pack and when using an AC adaptor it goes up to 200/180/130 cd/m2. Even larger is the UX in terms of thickness and height, though it is shorter in length compared to the PSP by about 0.8″. Even though it is shorter length wise, the unit has a 4.5″ wide 1024 x 600 resolution screen. Of course it costs considerably more too. So, I guess, the screen doesn’t necessarily have to be smaller with a smaller case. There are some folks out there who were a bit disappointed in the small screen and low resolution. I would have also liked to see the 4.3″ that is used in the PSP. Just looking at the mylo, you notice the screen is just a bit too… square. Sony, you know as well as anybody: wide is in.

The mylo, despite the less-than-spectacular LCD, has some good specifications:

QWERTY keyboard (a must for typing on the go)
Memory Stick Pro Duo slot (how about SD or CF… please?)
3.7v 1200mAH battery that should last around 3.5 hours of VoIP talk time
Built-in speakers for music playback (can’t use it for a speakerphone, dumb!)
Built-in microphone
Headphone out: 10-pin flat jack

It supports MPEG4 playback at 30fps for video and for audio you can listen to MP3, ATRAC3 (Sony’s proprietary format that nobody but Sony uses), WMA (both secured and unsecured) and WAV.

I was wondering how Sony came up with such a wacky name. mylo stands for My Life Online. Creative indeed. mylo. hey-yo. lo-yo. hi-yo. The name is, well, just a name. Let’s see what other stuff it can do. Back to VoIP: You can make Skype calls! This is big. You don’t need a separate Skype phone if you have one of these. And with the free Skype Out feature until the end of the year for calls within the US and Canada(?), this will get all those teenagers and geeks (me included) talking and yapping all the time. For free. Email and web browsing is a plus, but just to do basics. I don’t think you’d want to attempt at doing too much with such a small screen. The one thing that the mylo lacks is a built-in camera. With a built-in camera, you can do so much more. VoIP calls with video sounds good and so does taking pictures and emailing them to your friends or showing a live video feed while chatting with your friends. Maybe the next version will have it. Oh, one more thing Sony: Can you make it shock- and water-proof?

Source: Sony

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