Hitachi 55HDX62: 55″ CineForm Director’s Series Plasma HDTV

Note: I can’t believe it has taken me this long to finish some of my original blog drafts. Well, for any of you who might care, here is the post on Hitachi’s 55HDX62 PDP TV. 

Hitachi’s UltraVision CineForm Director’s Series Plasma HDTV (what a mouthful!) is a 55″ plasma TV that is housed in a glossly black frame that looks, well, a glossy black. There is a special coating on each side of the screen that minimizes ambient light reflections that allow for a deep black. The 55HDX62 also uses the company’s VirtualHD 1080p II technology to minimize noise when processing and recreates the original film’s smooth curves. Dynamic historgram processing that digitally maps the incoming signal optimizes contrast, color and sharpness. It is CableCard compatible and has two HDMI inputs.

The plasma display panel (PDP) has 1366 x 768 resolution. Color that is processed at 12-bit (68 billion colors) is presented in 3 HD modes and 6 SD modes. Two tuners come with the 55HDX62: NTSC and ATSC. Hitachi is a company that doesn’t know which display technology it wants to focus on. It has plasma. It also has LCD. Don’t count LCD rear projection (RPTV) out. LCD plants are the most expensive with plasma and RPTV costing less.

Source: Hitachi

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