Asahi Glass to Construct Glass Furnace in the Czech Republic

JCN Network: Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) will invest 14.5 billion yen (~US$125 million) to build a glass furnace in the Czech Republic with an initial capacity of 700 tons per day. Initial production will begin in late 2006 with mass production slated for early 2008. Normally glass furnaces do not take but around 6 months from groundbreaking to mass production and AGC’s glass furnace is taking twice as long to produce.

JCN Network’s article states that by utilizing the land and production system owned by Glaverbel S.A., AGC’s subsidiary in Belgium, construction work will speed up. I wonder how long it would have taken if AGC didn’t have its subsidiary to help speed things up. Roughly US$100 million is needed to build a glass furnace and the assertion that cost of investment is reduced due to the use of Glaverbel S.A. is also a question mark.

This glass furnace will be AGC’s third in the Czech Republic location and will allow massive capacity. Each float glass furnace is substantially larger than a Corning fusion glass furnace. With Western Europe being one of the world’s largest consumers of displays, AGC will be well prepared to serve their needs.

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