IXYS’ Micronix Develops Electrophoretic Display Source Drivers

Micronix, a division of IXYS Corporation based in Santa Clara, announced on August 14 the development of electrophoretic display source drivers. The MX860 and MXE1480 driver ICs are based on CMOS technology and features serial input, parallel output, and precision PWM display grayscale on each parallel output.

The MX860 has register lengths that are selectable among 240, 256 and 268. The MXE1480 goes beyond that and has additional register lenghts of 400 and 480. These two source drivers were the result of IXYS’ collaboration with E-Ink Corporation, a leader in e-paper technology and products.

As e-paper becomes more popular due to enhanced functionality and more affordable pricing, we can expect more entrants to the e-paper market to continue in the future. However, the current limitation of e-paper functionality in addition to fairly high prices, limit the market potential to just e-book readers.

Source: BusinessWire

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